Hello. I’m Dan

Writer, Musician, Educator.

(I once tackled Bobby Charlton, and I have the same birthday as Mr. T. I’m fairly sure that’s not why you’re here, though, so let’s talk copy.)

Straight Outta Worktown - the backstory of Bolton's brightest brand-builder

Dan intro

I’m a communicator.  

I’ve been writing professionally since 2016. I wrote content for personal finance blogs, then progressed into copywriting for various digital marketing agencies across the North-West.

Writing fascinates me.

Combining words to create an infinite variety of emotional response and resonance. Direct the reader. Change the feelings of a stranger, with the flick of a verb.

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“Communication is ultimately about feelings, not words.
Know your audience, know how they feel, and choose your words accordingly."

A nose for knowledge

Since launching Magnify Copy, I’ve worked with a whole bunch of different enterprises, crafting messages and delivering content for greengrocers and jewellers, medical suppliers and chartered accountants.

If you poked me with sticks, I’d probably admit a preference for working with ethical businesses and social enterprises. But I love to learn how things work, and I get a real kick from immersing myself in the fine details of different industries and disciplines.

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A mind for measuring

That curiosity is why SEO and analytics is such a big part of what I do. Decades spent as a musician, countless hours in grimy studios tinkering with technology and arcane software left me with a bombproof set of transferrable skills. Applying systematic processes to creative situations is a source of unending joy for me. When I realised that words on the web could be quantified and optimised, just like a kick drum track or a backing vocal, I did a little dance. Under the careful and patient mentorship of Iain Wood at Roots for Branches, I immersed myself in Google Analytics and SE Ranking, until I could read the metrics and interpret user behaviour, as easily as reading a score and playing the melodies.

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